Hope Valley Fringe Haiku

All are winners..!

Posted by Martin Spence on May 17, 2018
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We were genuinely impressed by both the quality of ideas and of the approach to their Haikus presented to us by the students from the college. They each explore in their own different ways our relationship with earth – in keeping with the Haiku tradition to take, as its subject, the natural world and nature.

A special prizegiving at the Hope Valley College will take place very soon where we will be giving a short appraisal of the entries and ranking the Haikus in three categories:

  • Brilliant
  • Highly innovative
  • Showing considerable potential

With a little extra work, we considered that any one of the students could have become one of the prize winners.

Here is a flavour of the entries, chosen at random!

Winter melts without trace
Spring pops up like a lamb frolics
Summer comes bright and sunny
Nathaniel Brelsford

Brushing against me
Seizing the ruined soul
Creating summer glows
Deya Price

Sun broke the silence
That smothered the earth’s warmth
Winter has broken

Laurie C


A little lamb calls
life blossoming from ashes
beauty has awoke
Ffion Patton

Sun is shining bright
gleaming down the sandy beaches
glowing through the clouds
Jamie Foy

Tears fall from the sky
extinguished by death’s cold hand
despair obscures all
Lexi Nicolaou

Pansage is quirky
He is my Pokémon pal
He likes the outdoor

Rou Bridgewater

Crimson leaves drift
Cloaking windows like blindfolds
As they shadow the earth 
Ruby Richardson

Blossomed branches devour
the morning sun
reaching out to seize all

Deya Price

Crashing across the sand
wading through the ocean spray
collecting shells
Amy Williams

A fleeting glimpse of life
through a great haze of love, hate,
anger, sadness

May Bransley

Gone in a heartbeat
like dawn turning into dusk
how swift it can go

Eve Haslam

Summer’s dawn arose
and curdled the glacial air
so today begins

Louie Stirk

Belittling home
a needle on a haystack
the peak of the world

Amelie Elkins

Darkness surrounds me
I’m alone in a world of fear
fleeing nightmares

Robyn Rooney

Leaves are smouldering
the fire peters out in time
the charred embers fall

Jake Harrison-Bell

The sapphire lake
scintillating like smooth blue glass
in golden sunlight

Theo Roger

The sun hammered down
on the mosquitos to the
flame of mighty Rome

Toby Firth

Twilight breathed for the
dusk hanging like secrets in
the enigma breeze

Madeleine Rolston

When the silhouette
descends on the small village
it is cast into darkness

Bryn Heason

Bang! A blushing bright
flower burst in the night sky
it’s finally here

Laura Bowman
The plane flew through clouds
destroying the world in time
it’s zest will soon end

Frank Cairns
the bitter water lapse
padding the blowing sky
shading the gaudy sun

Maria Zulategui 

Golden flakes floating
past the squirrels’ peaceful nook
where they lay and rested

Lucy Marsden
Precious as a jewel
like a rainbow of colour
soft blossom blooming

Amelie Cannell

I see a picture
captured in pristine beauty
framed by the future


The words I’ve spoken
twisted and torn by knaves
lies unrepairable


Adrenaline pumps through me
like a static wave
screaming never give up

Nell Dempsey

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